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Sales funnels

Sales funnels

At PK Development Agency, we understand the importance of sales funnels attracting hot leads to your business.

That’s why we offer a comprehensive Sales Funnel Creation service, utilizing careful web analytics setup and advertising channels based on the CPL (PPL) model

With our service, you pay a fixed amount for lead generation, and we work to attract as many leads as possible within your current budget. Our service is provided in three stages.

How it works

First, we create a project and determine the method of interaction between our team and the client. We create a project in our internal CRM, provide access to the client if necessary, or set up integration between our CRM and the client’s CRM system.

Secondly, we identify key conversions and set up analytics. We install and configure analytics counters, utilizing the latest version of Google Analytics (GA4) in combination with Google Tag Manager (GTM), plan a traffic acquisition funnel, and use additional analytical tools.

Finally, we attract and analyze traffic from various sources within a fixed budget. Our service price already includes a sufficient volume for necessary tests and determining the cost of attracting leads from various sources. Once the information is collected, we ensure that final conversions actually bring in customers, and build further cooperation based on the number of necessary customers for the full functioning of our clients’ business and achieving their financial goals.


Our service price starts from 1500 USD and the service is provided within 30 days. Contact us today to learn more about our Sales Funnel Creation service and take the first step towards attracting more hot leads to your business.

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